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41 Cats Who Had A Worse Year Than You

"MAKE THIS YEAR END." —these cats

1. This guy who couldn't catch the damn fly, despite practicing all of 2012.

2. This cat who thought napping in the kitchen would be both convenient and safe.

3. This genius who figured out how to amuse himself when the cable went out just to learn the limits of his abilities.

4. This aspiring pilot whose dreams were crushed 'cause of this helicopter incident.

5. This cat who will never live down getting that close to his naked mom.

6. This cat who will never try to be trendy again.

7. This cat who regrets telling a boy she was adventurous to impress him.

8. This not-so-Olympic leaper.

9. This cat who got fired from her administrative job because she was terrified of Post-its.

10. This kitten who discovered "leap and the net shall appear" was not advice to be taken literally.

11. This cat who finally decided to stand up for herself and failed miserably.

12. This cat who woke up and had a stiff neck literally all of 2013.

13. This cat who will never again write "try new things" on her New Year's resolution list.

14. This kitten who almost had it. / Via

15. This cat who really hurt his tummy because of your stupid dare.

16. This cat who couldn't reach her balloon and had the worst birthday to date.

17. This cat who hasn't tried to drink anything since this incident and is currently dangerously dehydrated.

18. This fatass.

19. This girl who spent the entire year trying to impress everyone with her stupid fucking party tricks.

20. This kitten who had a fight with a fan and lost miserably.

21. This guy whose metabolism slowed this year without warning.

22. This cat who was sick and tired of telling people he was a fisherman but never fishing. Now he doesn't say anything.

23. This little cat who just couldn't.

24. This cat who spent all of 2013 scooting around in his jar like this.

I guess he's adaptable.

25. This gal who doesn't know what the fuck you're looking at.

Pet Collective / Via

26. Despite extensive therapy, this cat who has yet to get over his fear of aluminum foil.

27. This cat who took a cold hard look at herself in the mirror this year and did not like what she saw.

28. This cat who just realized he's the pet.

29. This kitten who found out she was not nearly as brave as she once thought.

30. This cat who had to quit catnip after this incident.

She was OK, don't worry!

31. This cat who was one-upped by a glass and could no longer complete his cat duties of throwing stuff to the ground.

32. This cat who still has no friends.

33. This cat who found out the hard way that the grass is NOT always greener.

34. This kitten whose dream of becoming a huntress was brutally squashed in this moment.

35. This cat who never quite got the whole "eating healthier in 2013" thing down.

36. This cat who was unwillingly trapped in this shark most of 2013.

37. This cat who was too focused on the little things to notice the huge things lurking behind him.

38. This cat who was betrayed by his best friend.

39. This cat whose casual morning routine was repeatedly ruined by the damn toaster.

40. This cat who tried shopping in a store instead of online and regretted everything.

41. This cat who just couldn't this entire. fucking. year.

Here's to a better 2014, cats!

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