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    17 Cats Who Don't Want No Scrubs

    "A scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me-ow"

    1. "Scrubs are everywhere, and I want no part of them."

    2. "No, I don't want your number."

    3. "I don't want to give you mine."

    4. "I don't want to meet you nowhere."

    5. "I don't want none of your time."

    6. "I don't want no scrubs."

    7. "A scrub is a human who can't get no love from me."

    8. "Seriously, stop trying to holler at me."

    9. "I'm looking like class and she's looking like trash."

    10. "I will NOT get with a dead-beat ass."

    11. "Something tells me you live at home with your mama"

    12. "Oh yes, human, I'm talking to you."

    13. "Wanna get with me with just candy? Oh no, I don't want no (oh)."

    14. "This is the best that can happen to a scrub who has a shorty but don't show love."

    15. "Honestly, who does this scrub think she is?"

    16. "No scrub (no, no, no, no)."


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