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    17 Cats Who Do Not Understand The Concept Of Daylight Saving Time

    And are still pissed you didn't wake up with them.

    1. "Hello? Are you okay? You were supposed to be up an hour ago."

    2. "It is 7AM but my owner claims it is 6. I don't know how many more days of this unbearable deceit I can take..."

    3. "When you slept in on Sunday, I was willing to forgive but it's LIGHT OUTSIDE."

    4. "If you refuse to wake up, I'll wake you up."

    5. "Awful, you are awful. I'm hungry and bored."

    Mary Dauterman

    6. "Hello?"


    8. "You know I'm a cat, right? I don't care about your irrelevant human rules."

    9. "I thought you were dead, now that I know you're alive, I'm just mad."

    10. "It's called a schedule and we're supposed to stick to it. I don't care what your clock says."

    11. "Sleeping in is for fools."

    12. "Don't you tell me to be quiet, I'll be quiet as soon as you stop using excuses like 'Daylight Saving" and 'Time Change'"

    13. "I licked your face but then you went to sleep RIGHT AFTER."

    14. "I've read this 3 times waiting for you this morning, THREE TIMES."

    15. "What's that?? OH YEAH, MY BREAKFAST ALARM."

    16. 'Sir, sir, sir, SIR!"

    17. "That's it. If you don't adjust properly tomorrow, I'm moving out."