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29 Cats Who Are Too Old For This Crap

Nope, no thank you, goodbye, done with all this.

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1. "Staying up past midnight? Screw that shit."

2. "Costumes? Nope."

3. "I left the "Panda" nickname back in college. I'm a grown-ass cat and expect to be respected as such."

4. "How did I ever find this fun?"

5. "Sick and tired of your terrifying games."

6. "This is the last time I get in one of these for your amusement. The last time."

7. "This youth is either on drugs or just annoying. Either way, get her out of here."

8. "I've always been too old for your rules, I'll never be too old for rebellion."

9. "Water out of a hose? What am I, a dog?

10. "I just don't fit into boxes like I used to."

11. "You want me to go to a crowded bar at this time of night??"

12. "Fuck this shit."

13. "Selfies? Really? Are we tweens?"

14. "After these years, I embrace and celebrate my reality."

15. "Seriously? Seriously."

16. "Fuck this shit, I'm going to get my dinner myself."

17. "Dog, how many times do we have to go over this? Enough, we're both too old for your games."

18. "I could get up but...why."

19. "I will smack a bitch for waking me up early, I've earned that right."

20. "Waiting for you for an hour is just not in my repertoire anymore."

21. "Damn kids."

22. "Get this shit beer off my head before I throw it at you."

23. "This is only part of the reason I don't like going out anymore."

24. "Did you seriously just ID me??"

25. "Just tell me what the hell this surprise is, I don't have time for this crap anymore."

26. "I'm done with uncomfortable shoes. I'm done, I'm over it."

27. "This job doesn't have health insurance so I'm no longer interested, thank you."

28. "What the hell is a 'Tinder'?"

29. "I don't want to talk to you and I'm too old to have to pretend otherwise. Goodnight."

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