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    21 Times Cats Summed Up Your Entire Life

    They're basically us but way cuter.

    1. When you get home from a long day.

    2. When your roommate comes home and asks what happened to their cereal.

    3. When you're getting a massage and never want them to stop.

    4. When you stopped listening and the person asks you a question.

    5. When you're the only one in the movie theater and someone comes in and sits RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

    Seriously, why do people do that??

    6. When he doesn't notice your new haircut and you're all like, "LOOK AT MY BEAUTY, YOU FOOL."

    7. When you realize last minute that the party is a costume party.

    8. When you open that front-facing camera.

    9. When you try to eat healthy by osmosis.

    10. When you get drunk and just want to start your whole life over.

    11. When you tell yourself you're going to go to bed by 10 but you stay up until 3 a.m. just browsin'.

    12. When you get in the car thinking it's Friday and then remember it's actually Saturday.

    13. When someone says they "don't get" Beyoncé.

    14. When you're visiting home and your mom won't stop asking about classmates you haven't seen since high school.

    15. When your friend promises they are "SOOO OVER" their ex.

    16. When you think a fart is going to be harmless and instead it stinks up your past, present, and future.

    17. When your S.O. meets your parents for the first time and you're praying they don't pull out the baby photos.

    18. When you try something new at the gym and get stuck.

    19. When you really want some alone time and your roommate comes in to ask if you want to hang out.

    20. When you Snap that derpy picture to your crush and not your BFF.

    21. When you wake up before your alarm and see that you have 2 more hours to sleep.