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17 Cats Braving The Great Outdoors

Sometimes cats just need to go on adventure!

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Many a cat sit in silence, judging those who are able to go outside, while never adventuring out themselves...

1. ...while others bravely venture where no other (house) cat has ventured before.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 44124300615@N01

2. Some are calm and curious...

Creative Commons / Flickr: 14821912@N00

3. ...while others are a little more timid.

4. Some just look radiant in the sunlight.

5. Some cuties resort to childish antics.

6. Here's a good depiction of two reactions to going outside: one with focus, the other with a timid zest for life.

7. Some remain super chill because this is their ELEMENT.

8. Others find comfort in their leash...

9. ...some sit in quiet fear...

Creative Commons / Flickr: 14756304@N06

10. ...and some just can't freakin' handle it.

11. This guy handles it like a pro.

12. This guy took it as an opportunity to give a lecture on 17th century textiles.

13. Look at the FOCUS on this cat.

14. And the calm wisdom emanating from this dude.

15. Our very own Princess Cutey Face turns into a potted plant when she goes outside...

16. ...and others greatly fear becoming one with nature.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 31355686@N00

17. We salute you, adventurous cats.

Now it's time to rest up for your next adventure!

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