11 Cocktails For Living Your Best Crazy Cat Lady Life

    Ain't no party like a cat lady party 'cause a cat lady party has cats.

    Hello, I am Chelsea and I am a Very Serious Cat Lady. And if there's something Very Serious Cat Ladies need besides cats, cat toys, and cat clothing, it's alcohol. And lots of it.

    So I'm here to give you some recipes for delicious cocktails and advice on how best to optimize your enjoyment of them in ~true cat lady fashion~.

    Best enjoyed while entertaining your cat with the cat toy stirrer.

    Best enjoyed in your favorite sun spot.

    Best enjoyed with a curious cat.

    Best enjoyed while your cat attacks a laser dot.

    Best enjoyed how your cat would enjoy it.

    Best enjoyed with berry-stained hands from all the kneading.

    Best enjoyed by taking the shot using the handy pooper-scooper.

    Best enjoyed served on a cat scratch platter to impress all your friends and loved ones.*

    The Hair of the Cat

    Best enjoyed while wearing sunglasses on your couch, wearing blankets.

    Best enjoyed yelling "I FEEL LIKE A CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF" at all your neighbors.

    Wine in a sippy cup.

    Every true cat lady will immediately see the benefits of this sippy cup.

    Best enjoyed, as with all of these, holding a cat.