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Can You Get Through This Post Without Tickling Your Screen?

It's scientifically proven there's nothing better than a pink puppy belly. If you can get through this post without touching your screen, you might want to get your soul checked.

1. The first challenge...

2. He's facing the side to give you a little bit of a chance to resist. BUT CAN YOU?

3. Oh no! Rolls! The number one game-changer in belly-tickling resistance.

4. He thinks you should just give up and go for it.

5. One singing pup with one adorable belly enters to increase the challenge.

6. This guy goes for a different strategy: tummy in a sink.

7. Cool and casual, this pup is confident you'll cave.

8. Sleeping pup tummy!

9. Showing off his mini tummy on his MINI COUCH.

10. He just ate an entire breakfast sandwich to up his belly cuteness factor.

11. OH NO! Another sleeping puppy!

12. A yawning puppy showing off his belly?? THIS JUST ISN'T FAIR!

13. If you don't tickle this tummy, he's going to continue to work it out. AND THEN NO TUMMY FOR YOU.

14. Any pup that sleeps like this deserves a tummy rub.

15. This pup thinks it's funny you would even TRY to resist.

16. Uh oh. Double trouble.

17. He knows you're just kidding yourself. LOOK AT THAT TUMMY!

18. Have you seriously not caved yet?

19. How about now?

20. And now the mega tummy of all puppy tummies: the ultimate decider if you have a soul.

21. How did you do?

22. You just had to tickle your screen?? Congrats! You have a soul.