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    16 Corgis Who Promise Not To Trip The Queen

    The Queen apparently won't be getting any more corgis for fear they may trip her and it's made a few corgis very sad.

    1. "So, I heard the Queen is cutting off her supply of corgis."

    2. "Look, lady. We know we're short but we're not RUDE."

    3. "A corgi without a Queen is like a corgi without his fluff."

    4. "Look, if I stand in this snow, I'm so much taller and at zero risk of tripping you!!"

    5. "I would just stand really, really still for you, my dear Queen!"

    6. "It's been such an honor to be of royal dog lineage, why must you take that away?"

    7. "Listen, listen, listen. Does this look like a face that could get in your way?"

    8. "Well, fine. Maybe I would but I would try not to!"

    9. "I've got a graduate degree in cute and I'm not afraid to use it."

    10. "Just put me in a quick oats container and carry me around!"

    11. "I get it. She's jokin'. Good joke, Queenie."

    12. "You can't take the royal out of this face. You just can't!"

    13. "It's been my dream my ENTIRE LIFE to be a royal corgi and now you're saying it's just not possible???"

    14. "One second, while I accurately convey my emotions about this decision."

    15. "I would make a great guard, I promise!!!"

    16. "Please...just...let me in??"

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