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23 Bunnies Snoozin'

Is it getting sleepy in here?

1. This little bunner sleepin' on his back.

2. This little guy who was NOT ready to wake up from his snooze.

3. This studious bun.

4. This guy who suddenly decided to nap and regrets nothing.

5. If that little bun were a baby, we'd be lookin' at two nappin' kittens*.

6. This little guy who started eating and got POOPED.

7. This little gal who's staying up for the game! She promises she's just closing her eyes!

8. This one was getting ready to go out but a nap started sounding increasingly more appealing.

9. This little one TRIED to stay up for GOT, OK?

10. These two who are just the absolute cutest napping partners on this green Earth.

11. These buns were building the cutest wall known to man but the one on the right just fell asleep right then and there.

12. This guy who likes to dance a bit while nappin'.

13. This cuddle muffin who just wants you to snuggle with her.

14. This little one who makes the nap time pal we all dream of.

15. This one who naps on his back to avoid future wrinkles.

16. This little tiny bun of rainbows, gracing that hand with her mere presence.

17. AND THIS omg look at his FEET. HIS FEEEEEET!

18. This bunny who was meditating and fell into a deep slumber instead.

19. This one who just wants to wake up his snoozin' S.O. with kisses.

20. This bun who will only nap in decors that match his luscious gray coat.

21. This little guy who's takin' a teeny tiny disco nap.

22. This bunny sleepin' so cute I can barely stand it and actually BRB my heart is about to explode.

23. Finally, this bun pile of ZZZs! <3<3<3