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Bertie The SeaDog Is Making The Mediterranean A Whole Lot Cuter

The ocean never looked so adorable.

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He's a true explorer of the Mediterranean seas.

From April to October, he RUNS this boat.

(Well, he lives on this boat with his humans)

He is an incredible watch dog...


...which helps them find the best places and animals.

His favorite thing to spot is dolphins; his humans "think he can hear them, as he is always aware of them before we are."

Safety is very important to Bertie: he always wears his lifejacket at sea and is clipped on to the boat with a safety harness just in case!

He also LOVES takin' a break on the beach. As you can see, he wears sand like no other.

Don't be fooled by his seafaring ways: he likes to dress up from time to time too.

And KNOWS how to work the camera.

But sometimes he just likes pondering on a rock, ya know?

Basically, he's the epitome of seafaring cool.

Here's to a life of adventure, Bertie!

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