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    21 Baby Elephants Having The Best Day Ever

    And they deserve it too, tbh.

    1. These two splish splashin'.

    2. This ribbon dancer.

    3. And this guy who doesn't even know what he's doing, but is having a great time ~feelin'~ the music within.

    4. This lady clomp clomp clompin' to say hi.

    5. And this little fella who loves making friends with all the birds.

    6. This little explorer who can't believe this lady doesn't have the same nose as her!

    7. This jacuzzi maker.

    8. And this teeny tiny nugget who isn't too cool to have a blast with his parents on a Friday night.

    9. This little dude who isn't too shy to step right up and belt out his favorite show tunes.

    10. This gal who doesn't need much in this life, just a cool pile of mud and her family.

    11. This fuzzy nuzzler who will never let go of his best friend.

    12. And this guy who's so pumped to have made a new friend, he may be coming on a ~little~ strong.

    13. This guy who loves his greens almost as much as he loves playing with them!

    14. And this debutante, having a ball practicing her high-class wave.

    15. This guy who loves all birthdays but especially his own.


    "It's my box, that's my box! Gotta hug my box!"

    16. This little guy who finally got to sit at the big kid's table.

    17. This baby who just learned the art of the surprise.

    18. And this one who just learned how much fun "tag" with friends can be.

    19. This lil guy who knows the importance of self-care.

    20. This silly fella who cannot and will not contain his happiness.

    21. And these kiddos who love running on a sunny afternoon. SEE YA!