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The 38 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2015

An ode to the dogs who made us feel better about ourselves this year.

38. This dog who just wanted to taste the rainbow.

37. And this pug who was honestly terrified of this zucchini.

36. These two who fell asleep doing something they love.

35. This dog who couldn't hide how excited he was to see his human.

34. This stuck little one.

33. And this guy who found the perfect sleeping spot.

32. This guy who got a little too real with his struggle.

31. And this one who made a huge mistake.

30. This guy who tried to get through the cat door.

29. This guy who couldn't handle what the roomba was cookin'.

28. This dog who had zero chill around the cat.

27. The poor pup who got picked on real bad.

26. This pup who made a fool of himself at the party.

25. This pup who was not into Shark Week.


24. This pup who tried to help a shower situation by bringing in some French Toast.

23. This pug who was just really happy to be there.

22. This dog who awkwardly sat in this stranger's lap to make his human jealous.

21. This dog who has no idea how he got here.

20. This dog who just couldn't get a grip.

19. This turkey.

18. These two whose stubbornness got a little awkward for everyone.

17. This pup who was over it.

16. This situation.


15. This guy who has no idea what's going on.

14. This most awkward birthday party guest.

13. This guy who couldn't figure out his ball situation.

12. This hamburglar just trying to catch a break.

11. This trendsetter.

10. This dog who just popped in to say hello.

9. This pup who had no idea he lived so close to the ocean.

8. This newscaster who couldn't get unstuck.

7. And this one who only got to the Netflix part of his "Netflix and Chill" situation.

6. And this guy who didn't even know what happened.

"Why does everyone look so concerned??"

5. This lady who had no idea what to do with her crab.

4. And this one who had no idea how to get off the phone.

3. This pug.



2. This gentleman who couldn't stay awake on his date.

1. And finally, this shiba who got stuck on her way to work but didn't care one bit.

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