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22 Surefire Ways To Annoy Your Type-A Friends

If you can stand intense glares, this is kind of fun...

1. Take your time getting ready, especially if they're waiting on you to leave.

2. If they say something about hurrying up, just say, "Don't worry, you just have to relax."

3. Whichever way they hang their toilet paper, switch it.

4. Ask them if they want to take a break of your Kit Kat bar.

5. Be a couple of minutes late to something.

6. Tell them there's one thing to do with their plans for the day....

7. Rearrange their phone's homescreen.

8. Show them your messy desktop...

9. ...or the number of emails in your inbox...

10. ...and don't let them fix it.

11. Do them a solid and hole-punch some papers for them.

12. Hold a competition but give everyone the same award for participating.

13. Better yet, change the rules halfway through.

14. Get rid of their many to-do lists.

15. Cut their bagel like so.

16. Bake them some delicious, perfect aligned cookies.

17. Move one of their books out of place.

18. Walk slowly in front of them.

19. Insist on sitting at this table.

20. If they correct your spelling, apologize with another mistake.

21. Put your keys in different spots each time you get home and then tell them you don't know why you lost them!

22. Always take the first slice of pizza.