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    31 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say "WTF"

    Breaking: Animals are delightfully strange.

    1. This giraffe who got a little too fresh.

    2. This hippo who just gets it.

    3. This squirrel who took Halloween a little too far this year.

    4. This greedy cat.

    5. This dog who was afraid that if he popped, he really wouldn't be able to stop.

    6. This cat hanging out on the toilet.

    7. These monkeys who did not sign up for this ride.

    8. This dog who was somehow allowed to go to prom even though he was only 3.

    9. This dog who lost his pants.

    10. This cat hanging out in the snow.

    11. This cat who did not agree to a toddler selfie.

    12. This family portrait...

    13. ...and this one.

    14. This goat who inexplicably has his own room that he is very protective over.

    15. This dog hanging out in a bucket.

    16. This horse who clearly did something horrible.

    17. Whatever is happening here.

    18. This horrible family photo.

    19. This lovely smile.

    20. Whatever the hell happened to this cat.

    21. This dog who wants to iron her shirt.

    22. And whatever satanic ritual that's going on here.

    23. This horse in the hottest jeans of the season.

    24. This dog who apparently would do anything for a comfortable spot on the couch.

    25. This dog.

    26. This automatic cat.

    27. This beach babe.

    28. These two brothers who don't want to talk about their cones.

    29. This drunk.

    30. This Starbucks fiend.

    31. And finally, this dog who is somehow mortified by some pasta and a birthday celebration.