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18 Animals Who Are Ready For The Weekend

Just counting down the hours here.

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1. This very important business cat who had way too many meetings this week.

2. This otter who had to deal with too many plumbing problems.

3. This bird who has felt like he's just been running in circles all week.

4. This working mom who just wants even 15 minutes to herself this weekend.

5. This athlete who just needs a few days of R+R to reset.

6. This guitar shop owner who had to deal with amateurs playing in her store.

7. This castle explorer.

8. This brave leader of the puppies who led his pack to new places* this week.

*Just the porch. BUT IT WAS A BIG DEAL OKAY.

9. This taste tester who just wants to sleep off all the food he munched this week.

10. This acrobat who just wants to take a rest this weekend.

11. This actor who was doing his final scenes dreaming about sleeping in on Saturday.

12. This group who debated and negotiated all week long.

13. This masseuse who hopes this weekend includes a massage for HER.

14. This guy who has been working lunches so he can have some peace and quiet this weekend.

15. This cat who has spent his entire Friday practicing stretching for all the RELAXATION.

16. This laundry worker who just wants to take a BREAK from the dryers and sit in a comforter ALL WEEKEND.

17. This pup who is EXHAUSTED by conquering her fears this week.

18. Finally, this cat who is just ready for the weekend to COME AT HIM.

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