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37 Animals Having A Worse Day Than You

You think your day was bad? Check out these animals.

1. This meerkat who just wanted to get the party started.

2. This cat who learned about cactus the hard way.

3. This dog who lost against this wall but mostly himself.

4. This cow who just wanted a treat.

5. And this guy who just wanted a better view.

6. Cows just have a really hard time with things, okay?

7. This dog who got eaten by blinds.

8. This mama duck who just can't keep her kids together.

9. This cat who has been stuck up there for 4 hours.

10. This dog who forgot how to dog.

11. This dog who doesn't know what's happening but he knows it's not right.

12. This dog who's just thankful for the air holes.

13. This cat who didn't realize how drunk she was.

14. This dog who hasn't learned how to standup for himself.

15. This cat who came so close.

16. This dog who doesn't know how he got here.

17. This dog who was tricked...again.

18. This dog who doesn't want to tell you what happened when you left.

19. This cat who just found out her mirror is not a portal through time.

20. This tiger who just realized he will never be King.

21. This cat who just can't have it all.

22. This pup who didn't realize the gate was open in the first place.

23. This kitten who just wants to love.

24. These twins who think too much alike.

25. This dog who doesn't understand how to fish.

26. This cat who's gymnastics dreams were just crushed.

27. This turtle who still doesn't know what freedom tastes like.

28. This dog who just got cut from the Ultimate Frisbee team.

29. This cat who just wants his dinner.

30. This cat who knew not her strength.

31. This dog who was just had by this cat.

32. This ape who thought he knew his friends.

33. This cat who wishes you would just replace the toilet paper.

34. This horse who will definitely be framed for murder.

35. These dogs who live in fear everyday.

36. This dog who can't get no satisfaction.

37. But most of all, this dog who knows not why he offends.