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The 31 Most Popular Animal Instagrams Of 2014

These were the most "liked" animal pictures of 2014, according to Instagram curators and they're all pretty darn cute.

1. Obviously, Harlow and Stage were among the most popular. Just look at that love!

2. And Biddy continued to crush the Instagram game one little hopeful smile at a time.

3. This dapper corgi made everyone who looked at him cuter. It's just fact.

4. This snuggly bunny.

5. This chinchilla was appreciated for getting the holidays started early.

6. Sheldon stole hearts with his fluff and his toys.

7. This cutie's dots surely contributed to his popularity.

8. Both of these cuties impressed everyone with their friendship.

9. This blurry little gentleman who can see clearly into our hearts.

10. This little sweetheart.

11. This sleepy King Charles spaniel who made his followers want to snuggle with him.

12. These teddy bears.

13. This curious bunny.

14. This playful cutie.

15. Everyone also appropriately loved the fluffiest of best friends.

16. And Penny, with her adorably painted toesies.

17. Everyone seemed to relate to this corgi after a long day.

18. This blue-eyed babe stole everyone's heart with one glance.

19. These birdies had a very important meeting but no amount of "likes" will make them tell you their secret plans.

20. This dog who definitely knows his internet appeal.

21. This little one who is very concerned about his followers but he doesn't need to be!

22. This duo who reminded us all to call and tell our mothers we love them.

23. This very modest cutie.

24. This pie aficionado who really captured the American spirit.

25. This little alien trying to sit like a human.


27. This pup who has quite the entrepreneurial spirit.

28. This stylish Frenchie reminded us all that subtle can go a long way in fashion.

29. And this one who reminded us to be bolder.

30. This little kitty who reminded everyone to stay curious this year.

31. And finally, adorable Nala, who just kept outdoing herself on the cute.