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    An Interview With The Pug Who Vandalized A Banksy

    When Freddi the Pug peed on a Banksy, he caused quite the controversy. To get to the bottom of it, I had to get to know the pug himself, through his instagram and a brief interview.

    Before we begin, here is Freddi infamously peeing on the newest NY Banksy piece.

    Hi, Freddi. It's so nice to meet you. You are quite the pug.

    Freddi: Thank you, it's nice to meet you too.

    How are you dealing with your new fame?

    F: I'm a pug. I was born for this.

    Any particular upsides?

    F: Bitches have been paying more attention.

    What did your mom have to say about this?

    F: Oh, she was surprised for sure and a little angry at first but she's used to these kind of pug antics from me. Plus, you can't stay mad at this face for very long.

    Did you plan this stunt?

    F: No, of course not. I like my art like I like my adventures: improvised.

    Seemed pretty brave. Are you afraid of anything?

    F: Just the cat. I'm pug enough to admit it.

    Some people are saying it was disrespectful to pee on a 9/11 memorial. Do you regret that?

    F: I can see how that seems disrespectful now and I apologize. But man, I'm a New Yorker and an artist but above all that: I'm a pug. I didn't process the content, I just knew it was a Banksy and I thought I'd tell the world what I thought about his art.

    So you don't like Banksy's work?

    F: No need to put words in my mouth. He's all about everyone experiencing and seeing his art, so I experienced it the most intimate way I knew how.

    Do you know Banksy? Did he put you up to this?

    F: Would I tell you if he did?

    Good point. Well, what's next on your horizon?

    F: A good nap.

    Oh well thank you, I...oh, you're already asleep. I'll let myself out.

    F: *Snores*

    All pictures from Freddi and his mom's instagram!

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