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21 Faces All Non-Morning People Will Recognize

Your brain just works BETTER after noon, OK??

1. When your alarm goes off in the morning the first time:

2. When it goes off the second, third, fourth time:

3. When you realize that's the last alarm you set but you're going to press snooze anyways:

4. When that last alarm goes off and you yell "I'M UP!":

5. When you inevitably sleep past that last snooze and realize just how late you are:

6. When someone tries to talk to you before you have your coffee:

7. When you get pillow face:

8. When you're out with a friend and you agree to work out with them in the AM:

9. And in the morning when they text you if you're ready yet:

10. OR when they text you to cancel:

11. Class (or work) in the AM:

12. Class (or work) in the PM:

13. When someone suggests you shower in the morning:

14. When you sleep in an East-facing room and that morning sun hits:

15. When someone asks, "rough night?" when it's always just a rough morning.

16. When a morning person talks to you before noon:

17. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror first thing:

18. When you have to get to work earlier than usual:

19. When you wake up to an alarm but realize it's Saturday:

20. When you randomly wake up early, feeling refreshed:

21. And then the next morning when everything goes back to normal: