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    42 Adorable Things To Take Your Mind Off The World Imploding

    Oh the world outside is frightful, but these cuties are so delightful.

    1. These cuties with their sniffin' nosies.

    2. These two snugglers.

    3. This earnest puppy.

    4. These roughhousers.

    5. This high roller.

    6. This bird keepin' an eye out while his best friend takes a snooze.

    7. This baby going for a stroll with her dog.

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    8. These kissing ferrets.

    9. This little duckling running into your heart.

    10. This Monday Polar Bear.

    11. This Skipper Dee and Skipper Doo

    12. This bath time Shiba.

    13. This record nut.

    14. This ravioli cat.

    15. This mover and shaker.

    16. This chip chomper.

    17. These proud parents.

    18. This gal and her bedtime buddy.

    19. This roly-poly tumbling family.

    20. This little guy and his favorite new toy.

    21. This death by cute.

    22. This super-chill bird lifeguard.

    23. These comforting best friends.

    24. This friendly sibling rivalry.

    25. This teeny-tiny bun.

    26. This little husky cooling off on a summer's day.

    27. This hamster going all in on this burrito.

    28. This little piglet who just wants to make a few new friends.

    29. This Shiba getting her hair did.

    30. This child enjoying the little things.

    31. This dog having the tastiest dream ever.

    32. This kitten who is NOT ready for Monday.

    33. These adventurers.

    34. This hedgie getting a brush down.

    35. These chill newlyweds.

    36. This pup ready for moving day.

    37. These synchronized flappers.

    38. This baby living the dream.

    39. This little dude who doesn't quite know if he's ready for a swim.

    40. This booty shaker.

    41. This curious cutie who just wants to make you smile.

    42. And finally, this little elephant who just wants to wish you well as you go out in the world today.