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8 Examples Of What A Difference A Day Makes In The Life Of A Pet

I'm not sure how you can resist adopting a pet after this.

Some redditors in the /aww subreddit have started posting before and after pictures of their pet adoptions. The result is heartwarming.

1. Jackson who really stretched out once he got home.

2. Spokey who was just waiting for the person to smile for.

3. This beta fish who was rescued from a pet store that did not take care of him.

The poster said that within 24 hours of giving the fish filtered water at the proper temperature, his color went from a sickly beige to the vibrant color you see on the right.

4. This little guy who cheered up immediately with a little treat and some TLC.

5. This little guy who just wanted a place to rest his smiley head.

6. Penny Lane who just wanted to snuggle.

7. This little pup who just wanted to (lovingly) make a mess for you.

8. And Sandy who was rescued from the desert.

If you want to put this kind of smile on a dog's face, check out your local shelter, humane society, or even online at Petfinder.