38 Pets Who Celebrated “Dress Your Pet Up Day” In Style

They loved every minute of it, we promise.

1. This cool dude kept it casual all day today.

2. Moose, who likes to keep pop culture relevant.

3. But he also keeps it timeless in his caterpillar costume.

4. This guy who just got a job and tried on his new wardrobe today.

5. This cool cat.

6. This little lady who spends the year in anticipation of Christmas.

@BuzzFeedAnimals @ericarockley all dressed up for a Christmas party #DressUpYourPetDay

— Whispy (@whispybunny)

7. These guys who love “Dress up your pet day” more than anything in the world.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Jackson & Dalton, looking festive in a tiny sombrero & frog costume (respectively) cc: @Cesar_F1000

— Ali Accarino (@aliaccarino)

8. This bunny who understands the “less is more” mantra.

@BuzzFeedAnimals I recently dressed yp as a Christmas present. Mom wishes I'd dress up more #DressUpYourPetDay

— Max (@Maximusthelop)

9. This little lady who loves to use this day to be her true, princess self.

10. This dominatrix is thankful for today to show her true colors.

11. This loving advocate.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Mia supports her grandma, a two-time survivor! #DressUpYourPetDay

— Jocelyn (@JocBMiller)

12. This chameleon who chose to use this day to remind us all that they’re no different than our fuzzy friends.

@BuzzFeedAnimals a wintery chameleon for #DressUpYourPetDay @aaron_mackay

— jen.azzano (@jenazzano)

13. This little guy who puts up with his little sisters’ dress up requests out of love.

@BuzzFeedAnimals poor Roscoe has 6&2 year old human sisters. He's a pretty, pretty princess. #DressUpYourPetDay

— Allison McKinney (@preciouskittenn)

14. “The Most Interesting Dog in the World”

@BuzzFeedAnimals Loki pretending he's "the most interesting dog in the world." #dressupyourpetday

— Helen Woodward (@HWAC)

15. This superhero puggle (is there any other kind though?)

@BuzzFeedAnimals Captain AmeriPuggle

— George Bailey Smith (@GeorgeBaileyDog)

16. This gal who’s just thankful she can look so fabulous on her sweet sixteen.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Mao is going to take a drive!

— Sherri (@sherriatl)

17. This bro kept it simple and fresh.

18. This pug who only chose this costume because it fits right now but she’s trying to make the most of it.

#DressUpYourPetDay @BuzzFeedAnimals

— (Miss) Edie the Pug (@EdiethePug)

19. This little guy who’s living up to his name.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Holden, you fancy!

— Adam Sockel (@SocksCLE)

20. This lady who’s living out her underwater dreams today.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Pearl the puggle mermaid #DressUpYourPetDay

— Kelsey (@kelseymart)

21. This dapper gentleman, by name and look.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Seamus prefers a more dapper look in the winter. #DressUpYourPetDay

— MK Kearns (@mkkearns)

22. This guy who got really confused today. Is he a frog or a dog? He may never know.

@BuzzFeedAnimals here's Jack Bauer!

— Dre Acosta (@Dresephine)

23. This grumpy Bunny who would rather eat berries than be one but you know what? SHE’S A TEAM PLAYER.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Bunny disguised as a grumpy faced bun-berry #DressUpYourPetDay

— Pip (@pipsixtwo)

24. Max, who dresses up like this every day but was willing to pose for the occasion.

Since it's apparently #dressupyourpetday, here's BatMax! @buzzfeedanimals

— Jen Balisi (@jenbalisi)

25. Shoes were not the most popular choice among participants but this little lady chose to be practical.

@BuzzFeedAnimals wooly was very ready for the Polar Vortex #DressUpYourPetDay

— Todd (@toddizza)

26. This guy came to represent non furry friends!

27. This hard core Sk8er Boi.

@BuzzFeedAnimals #DressUpYourPetDay Chase Mutley in Vans Slip Ons #dogsinshoes

— Mary Elizabeth (@mesully)

28. This adorable creature who travelled internationally to celebrate this festive day.

Ahora sí! Representando a #Coquimbo #Chile Blanquita luciendo su abrigo de cotelé @BuzzFeedAnimals #DressUpYourPetDay

— Calu (@calupina)

29. This man who doesn’t care what you say, this t-shirt from his teen years still fits perfectly.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Henry VIII stripped of his dignity but looking very cute in his snazzy shirt. #DressUpYourPetDay

— Amy Lloyd (@Amii_Cake)

30. This goober who didn’t even care it’s not Halloween, this is his one outfit and you can deal.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Mr. Monroe last Halloween #DressUpYourPetDay

— Mere (@Bluerobiny)

31. Jefferson, who used today to celebrate the strong women of history.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Jefferson dressed up as Amelia Earhart, complete with goggles on his hat #DressUpYourPetDay

— Megan Marie (@YouShineMegan)


@BuzzFeedAnimals Rory in his Christmas sweater lol #DressUpYourPetDay

— Jordy Peter (@jordycatherine)

33. This…sexy clown?

@BuzzFeedAnimals #DressUpYourPetDay Naima, the sexy pug clown !

— Laurie Villeneuve (@Lavil7)

34. These two brothers who use this day to celebrate working out their toy issues.

.@BuzzFeedAnimals #dressupyourpetday best duo out there! Woody and Buzz

— Samm Ramm (@samm_ramm)

35. This little chick who kept it simple and delightful in a polka dot number.

36. This gal who has been studying for weeks but still managed to dress up for the occasion.

Oh is it #DressUpYourPetDay?! Betty's all over that with #WheresWaldog @BuzzFeedAnimals

— Ana Mendoza (@MendozaPhotos)

37. This Queen of the “Dress Your Pets Up” Day.

38. But queen or not, anyone who kept a cool attitude is the true winner.

@BuzzFeedAnimals louie is too cool

— Major Payne (@belly_umbrelly)

Thanks to followers of @BuzzfeedAnimals for submitting many of these cuties! If you missed it, add yours in the comments!

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