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37 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Pit Bulls

The Obama administration just came out against breed-specific legislation, which is a triumph to many dogs and their loving owners. Here are some pictures that will make you think differently about pit bulls. Remember: "Judge the deed, not the breed!"

1. Pit bulls are stereotyped as a vicious, untrustworthy breed.

2. Anyone looking at this face can tell that beneath it lies nothing but love.

3. No one deserves to be judged for their stereotype.

4. Come on, look at that smile.

5. Unfortunately, their strength and perceived insensitivity to pain has led to their being exploited by humans and made to fight.

6. ...which is heartbreaking once you realize violence is not in their nature but merely a trait taught to them.

7. Because pit bulls have been bred to be "fighting dogs," they may require a little extra socialization and TLC during puppyhood.

8. Remember: There are no bad breeds, just bad (or uninformed) owners.

9. The breed is often regarded as loyal.

10. Let's stop and talk about this hero who took a bullet for his owner.

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Don't worry! He survived.

11. Some love to cuddle.

12. And smile!

13. They have some of the best smiles in the world.

14. The AKC confirms the breed's propensity toward "courage and intelligence."

15. Rumor has it, they give some pretty grand hugs.

16. And love and respect their mothers as every child should.

17. Did we stop and talk about their smiles yet?

18. This pit bull with his best friends — cat and many chicks — should make you second-guess the pit bull's supposed "inherent volatile nature."

19. Pit bulls are eager to please their humans.

20. Some are very polite.

21. Some are cooler than you'll ever be...

22. ...way cooler.

23. But they'll hang out with you just the same.

24. Many adoring pit bull owners say that their dogs have a great sense of humor.

25. They are certainly not afraid of being derp-tastic.

26. Hey, remember when this happened?

And it just kept getting better...

...and better...

...and OMG a chick on his head?

On his snout?? THE PATIENCE!

The love!

Has your heart exploded yet?

Yes, this is real life, and yes, he is a pit bull.

27. Here's one showing off her preferred method of fighting.

28. One of many examples of pit bulls taking part in interspecies friendship.

29. They're actually extremely patient.

30. Which makes them great family dogs.

31. Fiona Apple, on her pit bull, Janet: "She is my best friend and my mother and my daughter, my benefactor, and she's the one who taught me what love is."

32. This pit bull introducing her new babies to her human's baby fills us up with so many feels.

33. Basically, pit bulls can be your best friends.

34. So maybe we should all think twice before judging this entire breed...

35. ...and give them the love they deserve.

36. Can we get once last "awwww"?

37. Awwwwwww.

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