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29 Reactions To New Year's Eve Situations

Animals get it.

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1. When you're getting ready and know you look awesome.

2. When you see your friends and they look awesome too.

3. When someone starts bragging about their New Years resolution.

4. When the first glass of champagne comes out and you're trying to act cool.

5. When the last glass of champagne comes out and you've lost all your cool.

6. When some dude starts ranting about politics and you just came here for a nice time.

7. When you finally find the snacks.

8. When your song comes on and you're about to shake it.

9. When you're checking someone out and get caught.

10. When the party or bar is so crowded, it's hard to get a drink.

11. When someone spills a drink on you.

12. Related: when you wish you stayed home.

13. When everyone has someone to kiss at midnight but you.

14. When you're standing next to someone at 11:58 who you DON'T want to kiss at midnight.

15. And when you're standing next to someone you do.

16. When you catch yourself in the mirror post drinks.

17. When you realize you maybe didn't need that extra drink.

18. When your friend wants to go home early just as you're getting your groove on.

19. When someone FINALLY suggests pizza.

20. When you've had enough but your friends bring out shots.

21. When you actually start getting tired and it's only 10:30.

22. When the ball finally drops.

23. 2 minutes after the ball drops and everyone is like "Now what?"

24. When you decide drunk texting is great.

25. When you remember it's not.

26. When you think about the next year and all the hope it brings.

27. When you realize how fast time is passing you by.

28. When you FINALLY see your bed.

29. When you wake up and everything hurts.

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