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    29 Animals Who Prove The Struggle Is Real

    The struggle bus is not species-specific.

    1. This dog who needs a snack downstairs but just can't deal.

    2. This meerkat who only got woken up in class by his own shame.

    3. This cat who's favorite show just got taken off Netflix.

    4. This pup who forgot to call dibs on the bigger bed.

    5. This dog who spilled his cereal, bent over to pick it up, and just...worked with it.

    6. This cat who keeps getting kicked out of clubs.

    7. These friends who are so close to their perfect dinner but so far away.

    8. This cat who embodies "be careful what you wish for".

    9. This cat who gets bothered every time she falls asleep.

    10. This pup who got so comfy and just realized the remote is way over there...

    11. This dog who...bye.

    12. This cat who's too tired to be this hungry.

    13. This dog who tried to scare his family but got stuck instead.

    14. This cat who was tricked by some paper.

    15. This dog who was excited for his Bed and Breakfast experience until he saw the tub.

    16. This cat who just can't get comfortable in her brand new bed.

    17. This cat who just found out her wifi is down.

    18. This dog who changed his decor to reflect his interests but ended up scaring himself instead.

    19. This dog who said he was tired and wanted to go home, and was met with this dumb solution.

    20. This dog who tried a new look and everyone just keeps asking if she's okay.

    21. This dog who just wants to love, you know?

    22. This cat who can't get a moment of relaxation.

    23. This cat who wanted her freakin' birthday balloon.

    24. The sloth who thought these were Cheetos but just can't bear to get up.

    25. This dog who went outside and that should count for exercise or SOMETHING.

    26. This dog who told a HILARIOUS joke that no one understood.

    27. This kid who's room was taken over by visiting relatives and is just making do, he guesses.

    28. This teenager who tried to sneak out but now she's stuck here until further notice.

    29. This lady who can hold her liquor but her face just gives her away every. single. time.

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