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26 Invaluable Life Lessons According To Sloths

Few creatures enjoy life as much as the sloth, so who better to get advice from?? That's right. No one.

1. The perfect photobomb is an undervalued life skill.

2. Nothing's classier than being on a goddamn boat.

3. You're only as fabulous as you think you are so amp up that self-esteem.

4. It's OK to get a little too drunk, as long as you save your fall gracefully.

5. Always hug your loved ones.

6. A comfortable place to sleep is a must for a productive day.

7. Half the battle in school is being prepared.

8. Healthy Food = Healthy Mind

9. Singing every day is good for the soul.

10. Good friends make everything better.

11. Sometimes a slight change in perspective can make the whole world seem better.

12. It's important to take some time to contemplate life.

13. Always cooperate with the police.

Ranu Abhelakh / Reuters

14. It's important to establish alone time.

15. A lady always sits with her legs crossed.

16. Keep your doctor appointments; you will thank yourself later.

Brazil / Reuters

17. Take your time. It's about the journey not the destination.*

*This is actually a GIF, this sloth just believes in taking his damn time.

18. Fuck the internet. If you need to talk to someone, talk to them face-to-face.

19. Carpooling is a simple and fun way to help the environment.


20. Get some snacks and appreciate the universe once in a while.

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21. Love of family makes even broken arms feel better.

22. Never go to bed angry.

23. When meeting a famous person, be chill.

24. Slothery acquaints you with the perfect bedfellows.

25. Always stay curious; it's fun to be surprised by things.

26. Perhaps the most important piece of advice: Figure out your best camera angle and work it.

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