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24 Adorable Pictures Of Pups Growing Up

They grow up so fast but never stop being adorable.

1. It's just fact that there is NOTHING cuter than seeing a little pup grow up.

2. So, here comes the slidey thing to make it all the more ~magical~!

3. Because growing up with your best friend is wonderful...

4. ...not to mention, EXTREMELY cute. / Via

5. Sometimes a giraffe shows up to the party.

6. This little one learned how to smile like a champ... / Via

7. ...and this one has yet to lose her talent for loungin' around!

8. This squee-inducing doggy grew into her office chair quite nicely.

9. This gal got a ~little~ less grumpy.

10. And this one refuses to give up her favorite spot...

11. does this guy. Maybe it's a corgi thing. / Via

12. This one lost the bow tie but not the beautiful smile!

13. This one is still the cutest little passenger a human could ask for.

14. One thing that never seems to change: the most adorable puppy dog eyes.

15. This pup grew up faster than her shiba sister wanted.

16. Despite the growing size different, the one on the right is still the boss...

17. ...and these three remain the best of friends. / Via

Cat Break:

18. This one perfected her first day of school smile. / Via

19. And this picture proves it: once a gentleman, ALWAYS a gentleman. / Via

20. It doesn't matter how big a pup gets... / Via

21. ...because they really will always be your baby.

22. So give your pup an extra little hug today... / Via

23. ...because before you know it...

24.'ll both be all grown up!