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21 Types Of People You'll See On Cinco De Mayo


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1. The one who takes a few shots and is done by 8 p.m.

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2. The one who will fight you to the taco bar, fall over, and not be able to get up.

3. The guy who gets REALLY hyped up on tequila.

4. The one who gets VERY sleepy with tequila.

5. The one who takes "one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor" very literally.

6. The one who makes sure their friends are properly hydrated.

(This is a very good friend.)

7. The guy who insists on wearing a sombrero.

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8. And the one who will drunkenly argue that it's not offensive after someone explains.

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9. The one who scarfs down burritos like it is his job.

10. The "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" friends who pass out together.

11. The one who tries to confidently act sober but fails miserably.

12. The one you'll have to hose off.

13. The one who will dance like this ALL night.

14. The "I love you more" couple.

15. The jerk.

16. The one who claims, "Tequila doesn't make me drunk!!"

17. Similarly, the guy who doesn't understand why he's been cut off.

18. The one who just wants to start fights.

19. The one who will not stop talking about how Mexican food upsets his stomach...while shoveling tacos down his throat.

20. The one who wants to talk to you waaaay too close.

21. And, of course, everyone who will keep yelling "I LOVE GUACAMOLEEEEEE!" all night.

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