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21 Photos Of Your New Favorite Frenchie

Following Stitch on Instragram is one sure-fire way to be empowered.

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1. Meet Stitch, the boss bitch of instagram.

2. This is her sly boyfriend, Caesar.

3. They're basically the next generation's power couple.

4. She looks cute monkeying around.

5. Her instagram even gives us us a peek behind the scenes of her elaborate photoshoots.

6. She's a classy broad, indeed...

7. ...who isn't afraid to get a little girly.

9. Here she is as Don King.

11. She actually pulls of grills with impeccable ease.

12. Wearing a tee with her boyfriend, Caesar on it.

13. It's important to never forget how much of a badass this gal is...

14. just don't mess with that kind of stare.

15. Her "power lunches" would make the characters in "Wolf of Wall Street" blush.

16. She throws the BEST parties...

17. ...partially because she can provide some sick beats...

18. ...and partially because things can get weird.

19. Really, really weird.

(I do wish she would kick that smoking habit though)

20. Look, she has her studious side too, so long as she's accompanied by some Grade A scotch.

21. In conclusion, she's a bad ass bitch with places to go and people to see.

H/T @karen