21 Perfect Jobs For Pugs

There’s a lot more a pug can do than just sit around and look cute.

1. A candy connoisseur

Requirements: Nice demeanor, knows a good treat without being tempted to eat it.

2. Security Guard

Requirements: Ferocity.


3. Weatherman

Requirements: Must be able to tell the weather immediately, be it with tongue or eyes.


4. Lifeguard/Olympian

Requirements:Extreme physical fitness, looks good in goggles.


5. Best Friend

Requirements: Good listener, willingness to embarrass yourself with friend.

6. Bouncer

Requirements: Be forceful but adorable.


7. Milk Tester

Requirements: Must not be lactose intolerant and/or provide your own lactaid.

8. Babysitter

Requirements: Patience.

9. Baby

Requirements: Chill personality, loves food and bein’ in a stroller.

10. Yogi/Life Coach

Requirements: Bein’ zen, loving the outdoors.

11. Umbrella Gentleman

Requirements: Willingness to sit in the rain, waiting for you to get off the bus and walk you home.

12. Social Media Guru

Requirements: Understanding of social media sites as well as a mug made for web cams.

13. Gardener

Requirements: Willingness to get creative with pre-established gardening techniques.

14. Cosplayer

Requirements:Good Darth Vadar voice/breathing

15. Clown

Requirements: Goofy nature, just wants to make you smile.

16. Detective

Requirements: Keen eye for sniffin’ out crime/veiled threats.

17. Model

Requirements: Be hot as shit.

18. Plumber

Requirements: Willingness to get down and dirty.

19. Philosopher

Requirements: Love of lookin’ out windows and thinkin’ thoughts.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 92607840@N00

20. Reality T.V. Star

Requirements: Loves screaming “I HATE DRAMA”, is not here to make friends.

Creative Commons/ Flickr: 55425268@N06

21. Therapist

Requirements: Non judgmental, good listener.

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