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17 Things Only Freckled People Understand

No, that's not chocolate on my face.

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1. The pang when someone asks you, "What's on your face?" the first time.

2. "No I do not have chocolate on my face."

3. "Yes, there is such thing as SPF 100, yes I own it. Wanna mess?"

4. In fact, when you get invited to an outdoor event, you start smelling sunscreen.

5. When people tell you they like them because they're "cute" and you smile and nod but really are so annoyed because you're a grown-ass woman/man.

Beautiful is the correct term. You're freckles deserve some respect, after all.
Via Flickr: 18922711@N00

Beautiful is the correct term. You're freckles deserve some respect, after all.

6. When you started getting them all over your body and HATED it.

7. But then your mom told you they were "angel kisses" and you started liking them a bit more.

8. People think they can touch you because you have polka dots.

9. When someone tries to "connect the dots" and you're all..."EXCUSE ME? I'll connect your face to your ass."

10. That time you thought a spray tan was a good idea and your whole family laughed.

11. When people ask if they'll ever go away and you're like, "The only thing I want to go away is you."

12. You get annoyed when those in the limelight cover 'em up and love it when they show 'em off.

13. When someone points to the four small frecks on their nose and says, "SEE, I have freckles too!!" and you're all, "Bitch, please."

14. You were told they would eventually fade* and you secretly hoped they would mush together to form a nice tan*.

*they didn't*that didn't happen either
Via Flickr: 7781445@N08

*they didn't

*that didn't happen either

15. But hey, now that you've grown up, you've accepted your freckles.

16. And even love how unique they make you.

17. So, those with frecks, rock those beautiful specks!

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