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    17 Cats Who Just Realized They're The Pet

    There comes a time in everyone's life when they just have to face the facts.

    It all started when one cat postulated...

    Originally, many laughed at the proposition.

    "That's hysterical! Good joke, Barb. Good joke."

    Eventually, the cat convinced them.


    "No really. I made a deal to get this information."

    "Well, shit."

    Word spread quickly among the catmmunity.

    Via Flickr: 34702998@N00

    "My brain can't wrap my mind around it!"

    Some were speechless.


    Via Flickr: 85843672@N00


    Some handled it dramatically...



    Some were downright appalled.


    "That just...can't...I...but...that's disgusting."

    Some brought up some valid counterpoints.

    Via Flickr: 77798146@N00

    "But-but-I trained him to feed me!"

    Some very good counterpoints...

    Via Flickr: 7430828@N05

    "If I were the pet, why would she pick up my poop?"

    Some got scared.

    Via Flickr: 23492834@N05

    "If I knew I was the pet, I wouldn't have left that hairball in the living room."

    Many reconsidered everything.

    Via Flickr: 30312784@N04

    "Why has this giant never told me? Is that how he has made me a complacent prisoner?"

    Even the small things were reconsidered.


    "What's next? This shark isn't real either?"

    Oh, and the self-doubt.

    Via Flickr: 66304784@N06

    "If my whole life has been a lie, WHO am I??"

    Flashbacks were common.

    Via Flickr: 83868369@N00

    "She did put me in a box for a while and when it opened, I was in a doctor's office. I forgave her for the mishap but maybe...she was in control the whole time."

    Luckily, some just didn't care.

    "Nobody owns this."