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    Posted on Aug 8, 2013

    17 Most Amazing Dog Vines

    Dogs have already won in the GIF department, now they're taking over Vines. Here are some of the internet's best and brightest Vine (and sometimes Instagram video...) stars.

    1. The nonchalant paddler.

    2. The Hunter.

    3. Pug Life, Exhibit A

    4. No one's messing with his stick, stick, stick.

    5. The Wise One.

    6. The Lady with 'Tude.

    7. The Glutton.

    8. The Love Story

    9. Pug Life, Exhibit B

    10. The Acrobat.

    11. This adorable couple.

    12. The Couch Potato.

    13. The Epic Sibling Rivalry

    14. Pug Life, Exhibit C

    15. The Southern Belle just enjoying a nice Derby.

    16. This gal who knows exactly what you're up to.

    17. Of course, the Vine of all Vines:

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