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    16 Pups Who Just Can't Stay Awake

    Why work when you can nap?

    1. This guy who TRIED to take your order but it just got too sleepy.

    2. This sweetheart who swears this is just a new dance move.

    3. This pug who is honestly just bored of your shit.

    4. This puppy who would really rather not.

    5. This guy who honestly tried to stay up during your dance recital.

    6. This dramatic napper.

    7. This lady who got a little too into her snoozin'.

    8. This pup who is going...going...gone.

    9. This guy who just wasn't really cut out for the "watching" part of being a watchdog.

    10. Larry who is just resting his eyes, okay?

    11. This dude who just couldn't keep it together while waiting for snacks.

    12. This student who totally was paying attention, yep! Definitely on the same page there, Jerry.

    13. This CEO who held the most unprofessional board meeting.

    14. This lady who is just going to rest here for two seconds.

    15. This buddy who just can't with morning showers.

    16. And finally, this pup who has totally embraced that afternoon nap lifestyle.

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