12 Reasons To Love The Dwarf Fox

The dwarf fox, or island fox, just escaped extinction! Let’s celebrate this cute creature’s resilience and be thankful it’s still around.

1. They’re pretty adorable as babies.

Wikimedia Commons/National Park Service

2. And grow up to have wonderful smiles.

Dominic Laniewicz

3. They’re true Californians.

Wikimedia Commons/National Park Service

They’re the only carnivores native to California.

4. They’re comfortable with their “big fish in a small pond” situation.

Wikimedia Commons/National Park Service

They’re the smallest of canids but the biggest land animal on the Channel islands.

5. They take adorable couple shots.

Jeff McGraw

They actually are very monogamous animals who mate for life! High five to you, loyal foxes!

6. They hunt during the day ‘cause they’re not afraid.

Tim Laman/National Geographic / Getty Images / Getty Images

Unlike many foxes, they are not nocturnal hunters because their natural predators do not hunt during the day.

7. They can see into your soul.

Jeff McGraw

8. The Chumash believed foxes to be sacred animals, even dream helpers.

National Park Service

9. Family time is important to them.

They often don’t leave their families until 1 or 2 years of age.

10. They know how to get down.

They are actually very keen at marking their scent for navigation purposes.

11. They’re badass explorers.

It is thought that the foxes used rafts as debris to get to their current habitat, the Channel islands off of California.

12. Also this. This is everything.

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