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    11 Things You Never Knew About Manny The Frenchie

    Yeah, you knew Manny was cute but did you know he loves Sting?

    This is Manny, the most famous French Bulldog in the world. He's downright amazing.

    Luckily, this adorable love boat was in town and gave us some of his time and answered some of our burning questions.

    1. What's your greatest accomplishment?

    2. Shower or Sink?

    3. Why did you decide to get a human?

    4. Favorite boy band?

    5. What's your morning routine like?

    6. Biggest influence?

    7. What do you credit for your success?

    8. "Any advice for aspiring models?"

    When we asked for an example of his smize, Manny knocked us off our feet.

    9. Best place to pee?

    10. Best part about being famous?

    11. How do you do with the ladies?

    It's true, JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE. Thanks for hanging, Manny!