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    Updated on Jan 16, 2020. Posted on Jan 22, 2016

    11 Shibas Who Would Please Like You To Go On

    They don't always listen but when they do, they listen real good.

    1. This shibe who wants all the hot goss.

    2. And this one who genuinely, truly wants to hear about every part of your day.

    3. This shiba who stopped studying to hear your long winded complaint about your boss.

    4. This lady who would like you to pull up a chair and tell her about how you REALLY feel.

    5. This one who isn't ~pleased~ you interrupted her window looking time but is ready to listen anyways.

    6. Denise who is skeptical about you getting back with your ex but will hear you out anyways.

    7. This one who came out here because she thought you said 'treats' and now just feels obligated to hear you out.

    8. This one who can't help but want you to finish telling him about the gross thing you saw today.

    9. And this one who is even making sure Cheryl stops frickin' interrupting every chance she gets so you can finish.

    10. This classy lady who would like you to please, go on.

    11. And finally, this one who doesn't always listen but when he does, he listens real good.

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