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Sailor Moon Fashion: Manga VS. Anime

Do you remember watching Sailor Moon growing up? There was definitely no doubt that she and her friends were fashionable, but if your were one of the fans who also read the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga when the English translated copies started coming out in 2011, you probably saw just how different the fashion was. Here's some examples from the anime and the manga.

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In the anime there were a few episodes in several seasons (including Sailor Moon Stars) where we saw Usagi (Serena) and here friends hit the beach. As you can see by these images these bathing suits are definitely fashionable: color, cute patterns and definitely flattering to the girls' bodies. They still have to look appropriate though since the girls are only teenagers (except Chibusa/Rini who looks about five or six). Notice how they are also all one piece bathing suits (although we do see a few of them in two piece bathing suits a few times).

Now look at some of these images from the manga series.

There's definitely no doubt that these images have several differences. For example in the first image we see Usagi with her meatball head pig tails braided, Makoto/Lita without her signature rose earrings, and Minako/Mina without her signature red bow.

We also see from all three images that more of the scouts are wearing bikinis and two piece bathing suits, again, something we rarely saw in the anime.

From the last image we can tell that there is a black and white themed focus on all the solar system scouts, but what captures my attention is how form-fitting and how much more sexier the bathing suits make them all look, even for the younger scouts like Chibiusa and Hotaru.

Just by making a comparison between these few images it can be assumed that the manga art Takeuchi drew was meant to make all the scouts look sexy yet in an appropriate way, and when we look at the anime images the sexiness was turned down a bit.

Seriously, why didn't we have outfits like this six years ago?

I'll admit that dresses with bow accents aren't hard to find and that high-waited shorts aren't that uncommon, but these are definitely styles I never saw anyone rocking back in high school.

Despite that though these styles are extremely fashionable for young teenage girls, and they're still age-appropriate.

See the differences? Again there are some times we see Mina without the bow, but that's not the most shocking difference. Look at how feminine Haruka looks. In the anime you never see her in a dress or a skirt.

Also there are definitely a lot more more patterns in the clothing, and it all looks a lot more form-fitting.

The every day fashions of the sailor scouts in the manga definitely look more chic and sexier.

The final category, the uniforms the scouts are known for. In the manga there are a few differences in the uniforms for some scouts as seen in the pictures above.

Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Pluto all have belts. Jupiter's is made of potpourri; Venus's is actually the heart-shaped chain she uses for the attack "Venus Love Me Chain" (or "Venus Love Chain Encircle" in the dub); and Pluto's wearing a belt of keys.

Then look at Sailor Mercury's outfit, she has no sleeves, in the anime she does.

Then there's Sailor Moon's first outfit: her barrettes that we don't see until her super sailor transformation are there from the beginning; her brooch is a different shape; her earring also have stars dangling from them; and her choker has an additional charm attached to it.

Also, in the manga we get to see all of the scouts eternal forms: they all wear boots similar to Sailor Moon's; the brooches on the center of their chest ribbons are shaped like stars as well as the charms on their tiaras and there are star-shaped golden charms on their skirts; the length of their gloves also get longer; and lastly they all have translucent circular sleeves that match the colors of their skirts. (Hopefully we'll eventually get to see these in later episodes of the new anime).

Anime or manga there is one thing we can see from observing both the anime and manga forms of fashion for Sailor Moon and her scouts. They definitely have style. They're like fashion icons for the anime and manga industry. Thank you Naoko Takeuchi for creating such beautiful and fashionable characters. :)

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