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10 Things All 2000's Preteens Thought About

So many fantasies, so little time.

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1. We wished for one of the men from N'Sync to fall head over heels for us. / Via

Or one of the Backstreet Boys, if that was your style.

2. What we would say when Julie Andrews told us we were royals in a magnificent foreign country.

Disney / Via

Fully equipped with the gorgeous princess makeover, of course.

3. What it would be like if we were contestants on MTV's Room Raiders or NEXT / Via

Friendly reminder: that is Zac Efron.

4. How we would act if we suddenly became BFF's with a famous rockstar like Zenon and Protozoa

5. What our lives would be like if we had our own reality show.

6. How much we wished to be Aquamarine. / Via


7. How freaky life would be if a fortune cookie made you and your parent switch places. / Via

Or how cool your life would be if you could switch places with anyone you wanted.

8. Wishing for your own "Cinderella Story" with your school's most suave bachelor. / Via

Including the romantic rain kiss on the bleachers during a football game.

9. How complicated life would be if you had psychic powers like Raven.

10. And finally, travelling to Rome to find out that your identical twin is a mega pop star and you have to take her place, then performing in front of thousands in a pretty purple sparkly dress.

Never stop dreaming!

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