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    12 Examples Of Canada Winning At Glamping

    Its the ideal way to squeeze a few extra weeks out of summer and enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors without loosing all the comforts of home. And Canada has the best spots!

    1. Tofino, Vancouver Island

    Michael Poliza / Via

    At this camp of 24 white tents hidden deep in the forest, you will feel like a fancy nineteenth-century pioneer. Equipped with Oriental carpet, log bed, cast-iron wood-burning stove, the owners initially envisioned a romantic getaway, but it has also attracted a lot of families.

    2. Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, Sunshine Coast British Columbia

    Rockwater Secret Cove Resort is the perfect option for family holidays, romantic getaways and retreats into the heart of nature. Rockwater Luxury Tent House Suites are sure to inspire romance whilst ocean-view two and three bedroom cabins are ideal for groups and families while the main lodge also offers poolside rooms, ocean view options and lavish suites.

    3. Entre Cimes et Racines, Quebec

    Entre Cimes et Racines

    Think Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, and you’ve got Ecogites en Foret. These eco-lodges are built into the hillside, have wooden roofs and stone interiors, and are partially covered in vegetation. Equipped with dining area, kitchen, bedroom, a fire place and many more amenities.

    4. Les Toits du Monde, Nominingue, Québec

    Les Toits du Monde

    Up to four people stay in The Tree house at Les Toits du Monde. Amenities include a propane stove, comfy beds, a basic shower and compositing toilets. And breakfast is “sent up” to you! Awake to the smell of pine 15 feet above the forest floor. And if there’s no tree house available, there’s also the Native Indian Tipi and Mongolian Yurt to book.

    5. Free Spirit Spheres, Quallicum Beach, BC


    At Free Spirit Spheres, you will literally be a free spirit in a sphere. Completely removed from the ground, hovering above in a private forest canopy that's both luxurious and magical, these unique bulbs are wired for power and come with speakers, a small kitchenette, dining table and reasonably comfortable bed.

    6. Long Point Eco-Adventures, Ontario


    Experience 15 Wilderness Suites offering luxury, comfort and stress-free relaxation in the picturesque setting of Long Point Bay. Equipped with king or queen size beds, bath towels, bed linens, hardwood floors, private decks, and lockable sliding glass doors, these suites have much more in common with hotel rooms than the average tent.

    7. Sundance Lodges, Alberta

    Readers Digest

    Sundance Lodges rents twelve hand-painted Sioux canvas tipis on the grounds of their gorgeous, private hideaway on the Kananaskis River. Each tipi features wood-frame beds with foam mattresses, kerosene heaters, lanterns and a permanent wooden floor! And if you forget anything, bedding, towels, cooking utensils and camp stoves can all be rented from Sundance’s Trading Post.

    8. Flora Bora Forest Lodging

    Flora Bora

    Nestled among the secluded trees and peaceful coastline, this was once the design of the traditional dwellings of nomads in Central Asia. Boasting a circular shape, soaring roof beams, and all the conveniences of home: full kitchen, full bathroom, queen size beds, fridge, cook top, plush towels, down duvets, they make roughing it in the wild a distant memory.

    9. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Vancouver Island

    Clayoquot Wilderness Resort / Via

    The motto for Clayoquot Wilderness Resort sums it up: Remote. Refined. Remarkable. And the activities match the accommodations. Go on a “Wild Side” interpretive trail with a First Nations guide, kayak on a rushing river, take a gentle canoe or kayak excursion through tranquil coves and inlets, or go in search of black bears (not alone of course).

    10. Ridgeback Lodge, New Brunswick


    These Dream Domes feature huge bay windows that look over the lodge's 185 acres of wild forest. Bring a bottle of wine with you and paired with the domes private wood-fired Japanese hot tub, you might never leave

    11. Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, BC

    National Geographic

    A small collection of wooden chalets appear to float on water's edge. Food, wine and energy are sourced locally and this appears to be the perfect way to experience a slice of wild paradise without loosing the comforts of home, whether you long to track humpback whales or sit at the edge of a glacier.

    12. Huttopia Tent, Quebec

    Mathieu Dupuis / Via Sépaq

    Available in 16 national parks in Quebec, this form of glamping comes with heating, beds and all the requirements to cook a meal. Perfect for families, couples or friends, its perfect for those late summer/early fall nights.

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