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    7 Of The Craziest And Coolest Hot Tubs Ever

    Whether your an eskimo, a wino, or you find yourself on the shores of the The Maldives, these crazy and cool hot tubs are a must see.

    1. Iglu-Dorf Igloo Hotel and Ski Resort

    Caters News Agency

    If anyone needs to take a heated dip – it’s the guests staying at this igloo village. These eskimos for a day eat in ice restaurants and spend the night in real igloos in between dips in the hot tub. Brr!

    2. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives / Via

    The clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean are inviting at this over-water hotel, but there’s nothing like enjoying the view from a 104 degree hot tub while being served cool fresh fruit juice from the staff. When you emerge, scented towels will be waiting for you. Pure bliss!

    3. The Gueuroz Bridge Hot Tub, Switzerland

    These adventurists take hot tubbing to a whole new level. Get into your bathing suit, strap on the harness, and simply ‘drop in’ to the party where your friends are waiting for you in the hot tub… sitting on a wooden platform… suspended from a bridge… 613 feet above a gorge. Cool, or crazy?

    4. The Hotel on Rivington, New York City

    Lauren Coleman / Via

    If you prefer a more urban vibe, you”ll like idea of relaxing in this cedar hot tub above the concrete jungle of NYC’s East Side while you sip champagne with your friends and feel on top of the world. Definitely cool.


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    5. Hakone, Kanagawa Spa, Japan


    Green tea, coffee, sake or red wine? All are available on the hot tub menu at this Japanese resort. And no, we’re not joking. That’s real red wine, Beaujolais Nouveau in fact, and bathers are known to drink the very water they’re bathing in. Crazy, cool, or comical?

    6. Nimmo Bay Resort, British Columbia, Canada


    After hiking all day through the wilderness of Vancouver, let the cool waterfall massage your tired muscles before hopping into the hot tub just steps away for a luxurious treat your whole body will thank you for.

    7. Amangani, Jackson, WY

    Insiders Guide to Spas / Via

    Surrounded by Yellowstone National park and sitting 7,000 feet above sea level, in this mountainside resort high cold winds are not uncommon. But thanks to the spacious hot tub that sits in the center of the resort, you can enjoy the magnificent views in warmth and relaxation.

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