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    12 Things Feminists Are Tired Of Hearing

    Feminists get a lot of stupid questions and remarks. Here are some we are really tired of.

    1. Are you a lesbian?

    Not all feminists are lesbians.

    2. You're a guy. Why are you a feminist?

    Feminism isn't a "woman thing".

    3. You aren’t really a feminist. You wear make up and shave your legs!

    It is possible to be feminine and a feminist!

    4. Feminists hate men.

    Feminism isn't about men vs. women. It is about equality and the criticism of harmful stereotypes about women and men.

    5. I believe in gender equality and all that, but I'm not a feminist.

    Do you believe that women are not inferior to men, and that men are not inferior to women? Congratulations! You are a feminist!

    6. Go make me a sandwich!

    Can we all agree that this is the most tired and unoriginal joke ever?

    7. Sexism isn't even that bad anymore.

    Women have come a long way. But we are far from being men's equals.

    8. Looks like those liberal college professors have really gotten into your head!

    ... I honestly, just can't.

    9. You women are so sensitive!

    This is exactly why we need feminism.

    10. Feminism is oppressive to men!

    Patriarchy says that men are impulsive, animalistic creatures whose worth depends on how much money they can make. Feminism says they are so much more than that.

    11. So I guess you never want to get married.

    Why do people think feminists are anti-marriage?

    12. Feminists want female empowerment, but they hate women who chose to be housewives!

    Feminists are not against women choosing to be housewives. We just want women to have the ability to chose to be anything.

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