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    24 Times The Internet Was Completely Accurate About Midterms Week

    "The real horrors of October are midterms."

    1. So far, this semester has been a blast. But all good things must come to an end.

    When you think college is going well and then you have midterms. @kesleybrown01

    2. The end of October is approaching, and things are getting scary.

    3. It's time to study, but you're thinking there must be a way around this.

    4. You organize your notes you haven't looked at all semester and focus...

    5. ...for five minutes.

    6. Because there are so many other important things you also need to do.

    7. By this point, you're over it.

    8. You take a few moments to wonder if all of this is really worth it.

    9. But you remember how close you are to Halloweekend.

    10. Which brings on new, more important problems.

    11. You're running out of time.

    12. No one prepared you for this stage in life.

    13. But, time's up. The midterm is now hours away.

    14. You have to find a way to open your eyes and actually make it to class.

    15. Because what is sleep?

    16. You take one look at your exam, and nothing looks familiar to you.

    17. Apparently, you and your professor weren't on the same page.

    18. "Did we actually learn any of this stuff?"

    19. You may be in a state of shock when the first one's over, but at least you can cross it off the list.

    20. It was an extremely difficult time, but everything's gonna be okay...right?

    21. Gotta stay optimistic and cruise through the rest of the week.

    22. And once you regain your energy, give yourself a pat on the back.

    23. You fought a good fight.

    24. It's all over now...until finals, anyway.