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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    23 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With YouTube

    Like, comment, subscribe, and obsess.

    1. The only time you ever use your TV is to stream YouTube videos.

    2. You wait impatiently for a new video to appear in your subscription box, exhausting the refresh button in the process.

    3. You spend money you don't have on YouTubers' merch.

    Karen Kavett / Via

    4. And you have childlike excitement when you see another person wearing the same merch as you.

    5. Your daily routine is pretty much: breakfast, YouTube, lunch, YouTube, dinner, YouTube.

    Sam Guttelle / Via

    6. You try to make jokes based on specific videos, but there's never any laughter because no one gets it.

    HannahGParish / Via

    "It's like that video where...nevermind."

    7. One of your biggest goals in life is to go to a YouTube convention.

    8. You're somehow able to cure your boredom by watching YouTubers do the most mundane activities.

    Justine Ezarik / Via

    Like, a 10 minute vlog of them grocery shopping.

    9. When a YouTuber announces they're broadcasting live, your schedule suddenly changes.

    Bravo / Via

    10. You have trouble explaining to others why you enjoy watching strangers on the internet.

    Grace Helbig / Via

    11. And you spend even more time with strangers in the YouTube fandoms on Tumblr every day.

    12. You feel stressed out when you're behind on watching daily vlogs.

    Shane Dawson / Via

    Think of all the other shopping vlogs you're missing!

    13. And you feel neglected when your favorite YouTuber hasn't uploaded in a while.

    Colleen Ballinger / Via

    14. You say goodbye to productivity when you find a new YouTuber and have to watch every single video on their channel.

    Zoe Sugg / Via

    15. You always want to watch just "one more video" before doing anything else.

    Rhett and Link / Via

    But somehow one turns into ten. Then, ten turns into twenty.

    16. And after your 20th video, you're shocked by how much time has gone by.


    17. You watch that old, funny favorite you've seen 100 times whenever you have a bad day.

    Fine Brothers Entertainment / Via

    18. You wonder how some people have never heard of your favorite YouTubers.

    Variety / Via

    19. But you never hesitate to show them your favorite videos, and if they don't enjoy them, well then, they're wrong.

    Lilly Singh / Via

    20. You've memorized their upload schedules and it makes you excited for the week ahead.

    Mamrie Hart / Via

    21. You follow YouTubers on all social media, because watching videos of their lives daily just isn't quite enough.

    Laina Morris / Via

    22. Your idea of a perfect Friday night is being at home with YouTube.

    23. And you find genuine comfort in knowing that YouTube is always there at the end of the day.

    Connor Franta / Via

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