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    21 Signs That Need To Be Taken Down Immediately

    Your gonna hate these sign's.

    1. How To Lose Customers 101.

    2. All womens welcome.

    3. Yike's.

    4. I'm getting the spicy chicken. What our you getting?

    5. About a boy.

    6. You can't bee serious.

    7. Forget what you know, the bottom is up.

    8. Fun fact:

    9. We due apologize for any inconvenience.

    10. There must be an eraser around here somewhere.

    11. What we're saying is: No one can use this toilet.

    12. 'Til we meat again?

    13. Love's labour's never lost, but can correct grammar be found?

    14. Please keep your pets off of the fires.

    15. Every comma makes a difference.

    16. It's your choice. What's it gonna be?

    17. And than after that, let's have some ice cream!

    18. It's really difficult to smile about this.

    19. When you're in a rush to leave work before the holidays:

    20. What exactly is the takeaway here?

    21. Feeling wiser already!