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21 Photos That Are Too Real For Indecisive People

Don't make me choose!

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1. Having lots of choices is pretty much your worst nightmare.

2. This is what goes down before going out.

Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @_1auren_

3. And this is your room afterwards.

4. Halloween is scary for unexpected reasons.

5. Menus are also terrifying.

6. And so are aisles that have 50 different versions of the same product.

Reddit / Via

7. "What do you want to eat?" is the most stressful question.

8. So you've had to learn more advanced strategies to make the decision "easier."

Reddit / Via

9. Or you take more drastic measures so that other people will decide for you.

10. Sometimes, you just have to go with all options.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @djyung1

11. It's actually the worst when your friends are also indecisive.

12. Usually, you end up doing a lot of nothing together.


13. Most of them have gotten used to it by now.

14. Some friends might even try to help you out.

15. Some people are...less understanding.


16. It's not always all bad, though.

17. At least you're experiencing new things.

Reddit / Via

18. And getting all of your favorite things at once.

19. The struggle is on another level when you have to make really important decisions.

20. But, honestly, everything seems like a really important decision.

Reddit / Via

21. And occasionally, you really don't even know what you're indecisive about.

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