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Posted on Sep 29, 2015

Can You Guess The Celebrity By Their First Tweet?

"Just setting up my twttr." —Jack Dorsey

  1. Correct! 

    This tweet belongs to cat lover, Taylor Swift!

    Via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
  2. Correct! 

    Just a day in the life of Lady Gaga!

    Via Dan MacMeadon/Getty Images
  3. Correct! 

    Ashton Kutcher dropped this tweet back in '09.

    Via Christopher Polk/Getty Images
  4. Correct! 

    Pink is the one who finally joined us in the 21st century when she started tweeting in 2009.

    Via Andrew MacPherson
  5. Correct! 

    This tweet was written by Katy Perry before she learned that "tweet" is the correct verb.

    Via Ian Gavan/Getty Images
  6. Correct! 

    This was tweeted by Drake when he finally gave in and joined Twitter.

    Via Robyn Beck/Getty Images
  7. Correct! 

    This inquisitive tweet (or twit?) belongs to Ellen DeGeneres!

    Via Kevin Winter/Getty Images
  8. Correct! 

    Looks like Ed Sheeran was convinced to stay on "tiwtter."

    Via Jason Merritt/Getty Images
  9. Correct! 

    Selena Gomez couldn't believe she got a Twitter back in '09!

    Via Larry Busacca/Getty Images
  10. Correct! 

    This is Rihanna's first tweet, which she used to promote her album that came out in November of that year!

    Via Bryan Bedder/Getty Images


This is Lady Gaga's first tweet. An earlier version of this post embedded the incorrect tweet. Sorry about that, little monsters!

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