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    6 Rules To Renting Textbooks

    Renting textbooks is a cheaper way if you follow a few rules.

    • 1. Most important – do not loose your book. You will find yourself paying both the rental and the replacement cost.

    • 2. Do not return it late - if they can not re-rent it the rental company losses big time and there late fees can get very expensive.

    • 3. Compare prices - with over a dozen big name sites offering rentals be sure to compare the prices and shipping. A price comparison tool like makes this job easier.

    • 4. Find out if Supplements such as CD ROMs, Study Guides, Access Codes, etc. are included with any rental and if you are allowed to use/install these supplements.

    • 5. Keep the box. Most rental companies require you return the book in its original shipping container.

    • 6. Read the terms & conditions - do not just check the box that says you read it, Read IT! This is a 4 month contract that covers what you can and CAN NOT do with the book.

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