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  • New Sales Lead Data System Changes The Industry

    Have you been on the hunt for quality data that is not going to break the wallet? Marketing agencies and business to business companies have been asking this question for a long time. With the current economic climate it is not a worthy investment to spend $1,000+ on a mailing or email list. The good news it you don’t have to anymore! After much investigation I stumbled across Mega Leads. They have a subscription based sales lead database, and let me tell you this information is as accurate as it gets. They allow you to search for consumers and businesses by geographic location and with a $49.95 per month price point that is unheard of. At this price range they give you 10,000 leads per month and that comes out to 1/2 a cent each. After trying the system myself I was able to enhance my marketing efforts tenfold and get great responses. I strongly suggest that you take advantage of their free test drive and start closing more business for your company at a price that can surely not be beat.

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